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Capri - white DEMO MODEL

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  • PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DEMO MODEL. This shoe might have superficial or cosmetic damage, including scratches on the bottom and mark where cleats have been installed and removed
  • WALK & RIDE: A revolutionary, walkable, cycling shoe ready to ride indoors or outdoors
  • LACE CLOSURE: Stylish, maximum adjustable fit
  • MAXIMUM VENTILATION: The X-D Knit upper All Shoe Ventilation System allows for plenty of airflow to keep feet cool and dry
  • CYCLE2WORKOUT SOLE: Stiff enough to ride in and grippy enough to workout in
  • COMPATIBLE: Works with SPD type 2 hole cleats or can be used without cleats


LACE CLOSURE: Laces are used in most shoes for a reason: to offer hands-down the most adjustable fit possible. Even better, they look good doing it

X-D KNIT UPPER: The Tommaso one-piece X-D Knit upper forms around one's foot like a stylish, bulletproof glove

ALL SHOE VENTILATION: The revolutionary X-D Knit All-Shoe Ventilation System keeps your feet cool and dry in all conditions. There is no more ventilated shoe on the market, period

CYCLE2WORKOUT SOLE: The Cycle2Workout sole gives you the performance you expect, on the bike and off the bike, for workouts or just walking around the town. The recessed cleat eliminates those silly waddle walks off the bike.

SOFT LINING & PADDING: The supple, moisture wicking fabric lining, and the correctly placed padding, hug the foot like a glove to prevent hotspots and rubbing

SPD TYPE CLEAT COMPATIBLE: The 2-hole steel cleat attachment plate ensures a secure connection to all SPD type pedal systems


The Capri is like no other cycling shoe ever made. It’s a stylish, high performing cycling shoe that looks and feels like a sneaker. The Cycle2Workout Sole gives you the performance you deserve on the bike and off the bike for workouts or just walking around the town. No more trying not to fall when you get off the bike, because your cleat sticks out of the bottom of your shoe. Using the Tommaso X-D Knit All Shoe Ventilation system, the Capri is the most ventilated cycling shoe ever made. The 2-hole steel cleat attachment plate ensures a secure connection to all SPD type pedal systems or use them without cleats. No more “hot” shoes unless you are talking about the Italian designed look of the Capri. That’s right, these are not just an ugly mens cycling shoe with a bit of color added.

The Capri like every Tommaso shoe is backed by a LIFETIME warranty and USA based customer service to give you confidence that we will always be there to support you.