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Delta 4in Stem Riser Pro

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  • Height Extension: Stem risers with an integrated height marker helps you quickly find your ideal handlebar position. Increases bar height up to 4.6"
  • Comfortable Cycling - Reduces back pressure and maximizes comfort. Relieve back, neck and wrist pain due to uncomfortable positioning. Elevate your handlebar for a better posture and added comfort.
  • Quality Construction - 6061 Aluminum and T6 heat treatment construction provides trusted strength and durability when in use
  • Quick Assembly - For use with 1 ⅛” (28.6 mm) threadless steerer tubes. Machined aluminum top cap is threaded for easy installation on any road bike, hybrid bike or mountain bike. Not recommended for installation on carbon fiber steerer tubes.


Have you been looking for a way to easily raise up your handlebars on your bike? Look no further than the Delta Stem Riser Pro. This stem riser installs easily and offers adjustable height for optimal comfort and customization.