Pista 100 - black/blue DEMO MODEL

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  • PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DEMO MODEL. This shoe might have superficial or cosmetic damage, including scratches on the bottom and mark where cleats have been installed and removed
  • ALL PURPOSE CYCLING SHOE: The perfect shoe for indoor or road cycling
  • DESIGNED FOR A WOMAN: Comfort and functionality a woman expects and deserves
  • 3 STRAP CLOSURE: Simple to use, secure and durable for the perfect fit
  • VEGAN LEATHER UPPER: Soft, durable, and easy to clean
  • NO-FLEX VENTED SOLE: Optimum power transfer, while keeping feet cool and dry
  • COMPATIBLE: Works with ALL clipless (2 hole and 3 hole) cleats


VEGAN LEATHER UPPER: The soft, durable, vegan leather upper provides an easy-to-clean, foot hugging fit

THREE STRAP CLOSURE: The Tommaso No Failure 3 Strap Closure System is simple to use, time tested, secure and durable for the perfect fit every time

VENTED UPPER: 6 strategically placed mesh vents provide your feet with a cool, drying airflow even in the hottest conditions

NO-FLEX FIBERGLASS INFUSED VENTED SOLE: This vented Tommaso outsole provides optimum power transfer while keeping feet cool and dry

SOFT LINING & PADDING: The supple, moisture wicking fabric lining, and the correctly placed padding, hug the foot like a glove to prevent hotspots and rubbing

ALL CLEAT COMPATIBLE: Whether using Delta, SPD, SPD-SL or any other cleat/pedal system, the Tommaso All Cleat compatible steel attachment plate ensures a secure connection to the pedals


Whether you are an experienced road cyclist or new to indoor cycling the Pista 100 women's cycling shoe is a great choice. It is a classic road cycling shoe for ideal, streamlined performance. With a 3-Strap closure system and Vegan leather upper it’s simple to get a perfect fit every time, making the Pista 100 feel like a tailor-made shoe. The Pista 100 includes performance features like the Tommaso No-Flex Fiberglass Infused Sole with built-in vents and cooling mesh inserts allowing your legs to transfer power to the pedals while keeping your feet cool and dry. Whether you use Delta, SPD, SPD-SL or another cleat/pedal system the Tommaso All-Cleat steel attachment plate ensures a secure connection to the pedals of your choice.

The Pista 100 like every Tommaso shoe is backed by a LIFETIME warranty and USA based customer service to give you confidence that we will always be there to support you.