CygoLite Zot 450 USB

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  • 450 powerful lumens provide excellent visibility and safety on the road
  • Enhanced Cycling Optics (ECO) expands your field of vision with extra wide, long range coverage
  • USB rechargeable internal Li-ion battery, lasts up to 65 hours
  • Easily attaches to any handlebar in seconds
  • 8 lighting modes: Boost - High - Medium - Low - SteadyPulse - Quad DRL Steady - Quad DRL Flashing - DayLightning
  • DayLightning mode emits powerful 550 lumen lighting-like flashes to highlight your presence in the brightest of daytime hours
  • Compact (70 g) , water resistant, & rechargeable with illuminated battery low indicator.


The Zot 450 offers an incredibly powerful light in a small and affordable package. With 8 different lighting modes, it gives you more lighting options to stay visible at night. USB re-charge and amazing run time, make this light a great buy.