SPD Cleats

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  • 2 HOLE CLEAT SPECIFIC: Works with any SPD pedals
  • WORKS WITH SPD SPECIFIC PEDALS: Compatible with indoor and outdoor bikes using SPD specific pedals, like you would find on Echelon bikes
  • WALKABLE: Fits into recessed cleat area for versatile walking shoe
  • ANYONE CAN INSTALL: Easy to install and maintain


If you check the bottom of your cycling shoe and it has 2 holes, then this is considered an SPD cleat system. The 2-hole system can be used for all types of riding, including road cycling, mountain biking, touring, commuting and indoor cycling. When paired with shoes that have a recessed cleat design, these cleats allow for easier walking and are quickly becoming the most common cleats in cycling. Indoor riders, please note that this 2 hole cleat system is compatible with pedals like those found on Echelon bikes but NOT on those found on Peloton bikes.

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