SHOE Warranty

lifetime shoe warranty

At Tommaso we believe that when you buy something it should LAST.  That’s why we are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all shoes.


You read that right….we are offering you something that no one else in the cycling or shoe industry has ever done. All you need to do to be eligible for this Lifetime Warranty is register your purchase.

Now go out and use your shoes with the confidence that Tommaso will be there for you in anything breaks.

Now for the legal stuff our expensive lawyers told us we have to include:

  • Product must be registered for warranty. So do it NOW before you lose your receipt.
  • Please contact us at for all warranty claims. Please provide your order number and photos of any damage on all claims
  • Valid only in the Continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii
  • Tommaso will either replace or repair any shoe or shoe part. In some cases, replacement parts will be shipped to your home for an easy repair. We will be happy to walk you through any replacement of a part. Warranty is for repair of any damage to shoes.
  • If repair isn't possible, we will replace the same style/size purchased or an equivalent or better shoe if the model has been discontinued.
  • Only one replacement warranty pair will be sent. Once a replacement pair has been sent the warranty for the shoes has been completed. 
  • Valid on purchases from and, nope buying at a garage sales doesn’t work.
  • Valid only on purchases after 6/1/2021. All purchases before this fall under the 2 year warranty, as stated at the time of your original purchase.
  • Warranty valid for original owner only. Not valid on purchases of refurbished shoes (only sold on Ebay)
  • Not valid on used or 3rd party re-sale, including 3rd party re-sale on Please Note: if purchased as a used product on Amazon all warranties are void and you must contact Amazon for assistance.
  • Not for commercial use, if shoes are used for commercial use, warranty is void.
  • Warranty does not cover aesthetic wear and tear or abuse of the product.
  • If you run of over the shoe with your lawnmower that’s on you.
  • Shoe warranty voided by washing shoes in washing machine or washing with soap, as this can damage the glue on the sole.
  • Any shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Please allow up to 45 days for fulfillment of warranty claims
  • If replacement shoes are sent, please note, they will not include the original box, to cut down on the shipment size.