Cygo-Lite Streak 450/Hotshot SL50 Combo

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  • 450 lumen headlight paired with a 30 lumen / 2 watt tail light
  • Headlight:
  • Powerful 450 lumen output with 8 light modes
  • Built-in 24/7 Safety Technology gives you a powerful selection of night and day modes
  • Enhanced Cycling Optics (ECO) expands your visibility with an extra wide and long range beam
  • USB rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Light mode memory saves the mode you`re in before the light is turned off
  • Light activation lockout prevents accidental light activation
  • Side illumination ports highlight your presence to nearby motorists
  • Versatite flexible mount conveniently attaches to most handlebars including aero bars
  • Tail light:
  • 5 modes: Single Flash - Zoom - SteadyPulse - Steady Beam - Group Mode
  • SteadyPulse`s steady beam helps motorists better gauge their distance from you while the overlapping pulses keep them alert of your presence
  • Enhanced Cycling Optics scatters the beam to maximize your visual presence from a wider angle


  • This great combo pack includes the powerful Zot 450 and Hotshot Micro 30, which both offer unbeatable power in a small and affordable package. The Zot features 8 different lighting modes, it gives you more lighting options to stay visible at night. The Hotshot features 5 great settings, to keep you safe and visible in all riding environments. USB re-charge and amazing run time, make this light a great buy.